VTFedit and StudioCompiler
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Re: VTFedit and StudioCompiler
Posted by Condus Mundus on Tue Dec 13th at 4:12pm 2011

Alright so as most of you may know, I've been working on modelling recently and I've recently had some problems getting them into source. VTFedit has been giving the "side-by-side configuration incorrect" error but I've already installed the required resources as stated on the site. StudioCompiler on the other hand crashes upon any interaction, such as a button press or a directory selection. (using it to decompile some models to use as bases)

So my questions are these. Have I missed some trick to get VTFedit working? And is there some extra resource to get StudioCompiler functioning?

I can list off what I downloaded for VTFedit if required but the list would amount to what is listed as required on it's site.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: VTFedit and StudioCompiler
Posted by sgtfly on Sun Dec 18th at 12:09am 2011

Trying using GUIstudioMdl for compiling it makes it easier. I'm having problems with importing too so some of it I can't help with. There's also a decompiler third party prog but I don't do that it's MDLdecompiler.
As far as VTFEdit goes run Windows update until you get all the updates available. Could be you missed one or got a bad install and make sure you have the complete VTFEdit with VFTLib.
That's all I got to offer.

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