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Accepted Answer
Using this forum

First of all, apologies for the large chunk of warning text, but please understand that we do get a lot of stupid or lazy people visiting this website. These guidelines are for yours and our happiness smiley

You may have noticed this forum works like a support forum- people post questions in here, and others post either general comments or suggested solutions to said problem. Simple, really.

When posting a new topic, you have to search for it first. If you can't find something the first time, try again with different keywords- the search is pretty stupid- or use Google. Follow these guidelines when posting- note that breaching red guidelines means admins will probably delete your topic.
  • Don't ask questions that have been asked before several times!
  • Don't ask more than one editing question in your post! Don't confuse the database- keep your problems separate, even if they are small and insignificant, and it'll help other people find solutions.
  • Follow the other forum guidelines given on screen when you post a new topic!
  • Don't post about your latest map or ask for mod help or anything else which doesn't pertain to map editing for Half-Life 2!
  • Please give your topic a title related to your problem- for example, "My light_dynamic doesn't work" is better than "OMFG I AM A NOOB HELP ME."
  • Select the appropriate category for your problem from the drop-down list. A lot of people get this wrong, and to be honest if you can't figure this out then good luck with your mapping.
  • If you are having a problem compiling/loading your map, post your full compile log. If you don't, we'll probably just lock/delete your topic and make you repost it.
  • Don't bump topics, unless they haven't been answered for over a day.

If you do have a problem, try narrowing it down- for example, if something's not working, does a simpler version work? Does it work with other entities? Test and tweak it in a smaller, simpler map until you get it right!

When replying to a question, please select whether it's a comment or solution. You don't get penalized in any way for posting incorrect solutions, though we don't appreciate people who don't have a clue about the problem posting wildly inaccurate solutions! Also, don't just post a link and mark it as a solution, summarize what the page says or something in case the link dies in the future.

Also, please use correct spelling and grammar in your posts. Even the act of typing 'u' instead of 'you' makes you look like a complete n00b who hasn't got a clue, and differentiating between 'their' and 'there' is something you should have been taught when you were 7 years old.

Installing Hammer

First of all, you need Steam, and you need to have purchased a copy of Half-Life 2 to be able to access the SDK & Hammer. You will then find it listed on the 'play games' list:

Below is an editing FAQ that we'll try to keep updated. The admins WILL delete any topic that covers these questions- you have been warned!

  • Q: Can I convert a .BSP into a .VMF that I can edit?
    A: Not yet. There was a program for Half-Life 1 that could do this, but it's not compatible with HL2 maps. However you can open a .BSP with a text editor to read off some entity properties. Also, the console commands surfaceprop and impulse 106 are very useful for figuring out which entities are being used in maps.

  • Q: How do I convert a Half-Life 1 WAD into textures I can use in the Source engine?
    A: Read this tutorial:

  • Q: How can I make a wall you can shoot through but not walk through?
    A: Make a solid brush covered in the CLIP texture, and then a func_illusionary over the top of it.

  • Q: I have a leak, what do I do?
    A: Fix it by loading the pointfile.

  • Q: How do I make (this entity) move with (that entity)? For example, I want to make a prop move.
    A: Set the parent property of the attached entity to be the name of the moving entity (e.g. parent a prop_ to a func_tracktrain)

  • Q: How do I make the blue super-grav gun?
    A: Create an env_global entity in your level, put "Global State to Set" to Super phys gun is enabled, and for "Initial State" put On. YOU CANNOT HAVE THEM IN MULTIPLAYER MAPS!

In Game
  • Q: Why doesn't my prop_static/prop_physics/prop_dynamic etc. appear in my map?
    A: Certain models are configured to break or play animations, or just do nothing at all, and can only be used with certain prop_ entities. Try using a different prop_ type, and make sure that it's not intersecting any other entities or walls.

  • Q: How do I find out the names of skies that I can use?
    A: Search for textures using the filter "skybox/", and enter the name excluding the last two symbols into the sky name field of map properties- e.g. for skybox/sky_day01_09ft you would use the sky name sky_day01_09.

  • Q: How do I display the frame rate and other details about my map?
    A: In the console, type:
    cl_showfps 1 to show the frame rate
    mat_wireframe 1 to show the map in wireframe map
    +showbudget to show what things- models, lighting etc.- are contributing to your FPS

  • Q: Can I have monsters attack me in deathmatch levels?
    A: No- there is no AI configured for them in DM mode.

  • Q: Can I stop the player from spawning with the grav gun in deathmatch levels?
    A: We don't think so, no.

  • Q: I'm having trouble getting water to work?!
    A: Your water brush should be a flat cuboid textured in NODRAW, except for the surface, which should be an appropriate water material. A water_lod_control entity should be used, and if your map has a leak then the water may appear invisible.


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