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Re: Possible New SnarkPit Subtitle
Posted by G4MER on Wed Sep 11th at 11:16pm 2013

I have always liked the SNARKPIT as the name, no need to change it. It has been around forever and people know it as a brand. But if a name change is really needed, consider names that work as a group of people coming together to help and improve one another's projects.. Maybe "Synergy Dynamics" or something along them lines. My wife said maybe Digital World Imaginators.

Sub header; Your Game & Level Design Resource Site ( Your is an important part, it invites and welcomes everyone, it imply's this is a site for everyone. Game & Level design pretty much covers what we do here. )

SYNERGY DYNAMICS - Your Game & Level Design Resource Site.

Then maybe keep the Snark as a logo, but change it up and modernize it. Maybe something of a profile of the snark and silhouetted in a circle.

EDIT: I was thinking if we limit our tool resources to those only offered in Steam, maybe we should play off that name as well.. or off the Valve name. Just an idea.

Re: Possible New SnarkPit Subtitle
Posted by Riven on Sun Sep 22nd at 5:27pm 2013

A lot of sites that stick with the times do often change their name. I'm all in favor of a sub-title update, but I agree with keeping the traditional name for posterity's sake. I want to visit a site true to itself and connected with its origins, and if it has a goofy name I don't understand, I can feel more connected to it when I find out why it's called what it's called. Gives it history and presence on a platform (the Internet) that's ever changing.

Including "your" is definitely not a bad idea, and if it adds a 'ring' to the sound of the name (something to make it a little more catchy) then I'm all for it. It makes the site more personable, and like you said: a little more welcoming, which is what I think the key to Snarkpit is all about. We're here to welcome you to the world of game creation. Something steam can do too, but not as personably.

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