Snarkpit links
AHL Map Depot - Action Half-Life maps a-plenty!

Cheroke Team - Half-Life 2 models

Creating Worlds - General level editing banter (DOWN)

EyeRonik's tutorials - A fat wad of decent mapping tutorials

Gamedev Map - Looking for the nearest games studio to you? Look no further!

Gaming-Models - A free Source ready models resource

Global Assault - Practically every HL map ever made can be found here, with a quick run-down

Half-Life Atlas - Map reviews by a crazy monkey man (DOWN)

Half-Life Evolution - Half-Life mod files (maps, models, etc.) - Oodles of Hl2 news

Handy Vandal's Almanac - A huge collection of editing tutorials and links (DOWN)

HL2 Mods - A collection of all known mods for HL2

HL2 Optimization Guide - Everything you need to know about getting your maps to perform their best

HL2World Wiki - "Wiki" for editing Half-Life 2, and much more - Large number of HL2 editing tutorials and forums

Lambda Generation - Everything Valve; all community content and news postings

LanmaniaX - HL2DM and CS:S maps

MapCore - Mapping forums for professionals and amateurs alike.

Planet Phillip - The largest collection of Source SP mods and maps!

Podcast 17 - Your weekly podcast about everything Half-Life!

Polycount Wiki - A catalog of game development information and disciplines

Sadist Levels - A growing Half-Life 2 Deathmatch mapping site with tutorials and user maps

SnarkPit Steam Group - SnarkPit's Steam community page

The Combine OverWiki - The wiki for all backstory and development information on Half-Life and Portal

The Lab - Science & Industry map reviews & editing (DOWN)

The Valve Community - A directory of websites that cover games made by Valve Software

The Valve Developer Community - Your place for all current technical information about the Source Engine

The Wadfather - Your first stop for textures and skys (DOWN)

theWall - German mapping community

Thinking With Portals - Everything Portal all the time.

TWHL - A Half-Life community through and through

World of Level Design - Articles, aimed at general and specific design techniques for a host of FPS games

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