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  • 1/3
    2 ratings / 3.5 stars for Half-Life 2
    by Tylak
    Story : Combine forces are in the process of constructing a ginormous robot in an abandoned government fallout shelter outside City 17. The robot, codenamed "Das Roboss", is the most destructive combine creation yet. It makes Striders look like daddy long-legs. Your m...
  • 1/4
    2 ratings / 4 stars for Team Fortress 2
    by fishy
    A fairly typical ctf map, roughly the same size as 2fort. THis started off as my 1st attempt at mapping for tf2, but got shelved after the b4 release. That must have been at least a year ago, but I've managed to rekindle my interest in it recently. Changes are mostly outside, which has bee...
  • 1/6
    2 ratings / 4 stars for Half-Life 2
    by Sadist
    Author: [ TSF ] SadistMap Type: RegularTheme: Ultra-Sadistic LaboratoryMap Features: Sticks (and secret crowbars), Fully animated scenery, Videos, Orb, Poison Gas and Crusher Traps, Supercharger, Secrets, Custom TexturesNo of playerspawns: 14Server: ![ TSF #6 ]! PLANET...

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