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Game: Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Added Wed Jan 26th 2005

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<B>b8 release!</B>

Last release, time to move on.

A refinery for the Northern Petrol corporation.

Public beta 8 is available for download.

Comments/bugs are apprecieated though please note it <I>is</I> final so I can't change much, major fixes or problems may get changed as I see fit.

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0 starsPosted by ReNo on Mon Nov 22nd 2004 at 3:56am

Now I can see it, I'm quite impressed. You seem to have managed to pull off the &quot;simple architecture made to look uber cool&quot; style particularly well in shots 2 and 3. The interior looks nice too, with a good contrast between its bright white lighting and the outside's fading sunlight, as well as some pretty nice brushwork. Keep it up, this looks like one early map with good potential smiley
0 starsPosted by Spartan on Sat Nov 20th 2004 at 5:13am

Pic number 2 and 3 look too dark. I really like 4 though but you will still need to do a lot more with the lighting. HL2DM probably has the best graphics and level detail for a game where you run around spraying and praying.
Posted by RabidMonkey777 on Fri Nov 19th 2004 at 10:58pm

It's a lighting problem, really - It's too dark for my tastes. Its supposed to be orange-ish, sort of like the wasteland sky. <br> <br>HL2DM does indeed have a URL - <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
0 starsPosted by RacerX on Fri Nov 19th 2004 at 8:38pm

Looks spooky, is that what you intended or is it just part of the lighting problem? Cant wait to play the mod, is there a url for HL2DM? Keep the good work going!
0 starsPosted by Hugh on Fri Nov 19th 2004 at 9:53am

Well I like #1 and #4, but maybe just 'cause... I can see a bit better in them. Anyway, good stuff &lt;3
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