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Game: Counter Strike Source
Added Wed Nov 24th 2004

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uh, just a basic test of stuff =) breakable windows, swaying tele lines, shatterable stairs, lights and a buy zone for ct's but also a spawn for terr and displacement mapping on the ground

note about 1Mb

just have a quick look and provide me some info before I do a whole stuffed up map.

Things to do: finnish map, bomb sites, terr buy, others...

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0 starsPosted by TMA-2 on Fri Jan 14th 2005 at 10:05pm

Not a whole lot there, but what is there looks very nice. The stands holding the cables seem a little bit short, though, if they're supposed to be some kind of telephone lines.
Posted by bozthepcnerd on Thu Nov 25th 2004 at 12:18am

Hmm, well this started as a box and I just started to add features gradually... inotherwords I haven't got a plan I'll just place things in that 'feel' right lol. but the idea of a cliff or beach sounds kinda cool, I'll have a look into that smiley <br> <br>thanks.
0 starsPosted by G.Ballblue on Thu Nov 25th 2004 at 12:14am

It certainly looks a lot better than fy_room! smiley <br>/edit: What kinda of feel are you going for? The farside of the map looks like the perfect spot for a cliff/ocean seen, like Highway 17 in HL2.
0 starsPosted by Spartan on Wed Nov 24th 2004 at 4:30pm

Lol. Biopulse you giving mapping advice. Lol sorry but it made me laugh a little no offence.
0 starsPosted by Junkyard God on Wed Nov 24th 2004 at 3:32pm

It's not much, but so far it looks interesting smiley <br> <br>nice texturing, overal looks pretty neat smiley
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