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Game: Counter Strike Source
Added Tue Nov 30th 2004

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First things first, i need a better name for this map, i hate 'eden' it sounds gay...anyways....
Its a cs_ map with two rescue points. There are three doors which can only be opened from the inside. I've only tested gameplay on this map with three people and it was fun but needs to be tested with more people. The hosty navigation is crap at the moment and ill fix this before i release the map. This is my first map in years so i hope ya like it or at least provide some helpful critique.

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0 starsPosted by Myrk- on Wed Feb 16th 2005 at 11:31pm

? quoting Joss
I just want to know was it hard to put the leaves on trees? Is there a tutorial somewhere about that?

I have to make some elaborate oak trees with lots of leaves. Thanks!

Its skin number on the model... Default is 0, try 1 or 2, it should show up in hammer its new appearance. As for the sun, its an env_sun... just fiddle the values to make it blindingly bright

0 starsPosted by parakeet on Wed Feb 16th 2005 at 10:16pm

an entity i believe env_sun
0 starsPosted by $loth on Wed Feb 16th 2005 at 9:51am

Looking good. I'm not to sure on using that stone wall texture though it seems to be used a lot. Which skybox is that to get the sun shining like that?
0 starsPosted by Joss on Wed Feb 16th 2005 at 1:41am

I just want to know was it hard to put the leaves on trees? Is there a tutorial somewhere about that?

I have to make some elaborate oak trees with lots of leaves. Thanks!
0 starsPosted by fobes on Tue Feb 15th 2005 at 5:15pm

? quoting Spartan 34
This is pissing me off when people put cs infront of CS:S maps. Its not cs_ anymore people its' css_.


0 starsPosted by TMA-2 on Mon Dec 20th 2004 at 11:45am

The lighting looks very nice, and the displacement maps were put to good use. Good job
0 starsPosted by Aniland on Sat Dec 18th 2004 at 2:36am

Well, I best download it and try it out then! Looks great! Is that a greenhouse I see?
0 starsPosted by parakeet on Thu Dec 9th 2004 at 9:32pm

!! i thought eden sounded like a cool "ironic" name "considering terrorists are attacking it"! Eden is a land of peace and perfect harmony so the name cs_eden gives the map a deeper , easier to say , map . it sounds like a really intriguing name and would play it just because of curiosity. i like the textures
Posted by 9centwhore on Tue Nov 30th 2004 at 1:21pm

Firstly thanks for commenting smiley <br>hmm not sure which dead ends you refer to hehe, if you mean the doors they open from the inside if you press use. me and my friends have found this adds a bit of strategy as to when and when not to open them... there are two other places i think you might mean, one next to ct spawn the other near the big oak tree, if you run along the top of one of the walls you can easily jump across to the big branch and then run over to the buildings... <br>im also toying with the idea of letting people into that room with the collapsed roof but ill see how it goes... <br>anyway ill take into consideration what youve said.. thanks again
0 starsPosted by Ricky_C on Tue Nov 30th 2004 at 12:59pm

You seem to have some paths leading to dead ends, something which is a definite no no. <br> <br>I also go lost a number of times so you may wanna have some overlays giving directions to the hostages. <br> <br>Some of the buildings have nice detail with the collapsed roofs but were only accessable once in noclip mode. <br> <br>but nice start
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