Aim_Duality by PooSlice

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Game: Counter Strike Source
Added Sun Dec 5th 2004

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Its a Aim map with a little twist added to it. There are two different spawnpoints for each team so Its bound to have some intresting firefights.

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Posted by PooSlice on Sun Jan 2nd 2005 at 12:58am

Hehe well its my first try at a map, sorry I had not read a lot about mapmaking only some basic videotutorials. I think even if it looks kinda bad it is kinda fun to play, but yes you are right it don?t look like flowers. I have just started working on a hl2dm map and i hope it will look a lot better because it will be inside with a loot of moody lights and not so "boxy".
0 starsPosted by ben_j_davis on Wed Dec 22nd 2004 at 11:47am

Just use these criticism's to your advantage, you have the basis of a reasonable map, just expand on it. Like other people have said before, go through the Snarkpit tutorials, add some more detail to your level. Make it more interesting to the eye. <br> <br>I cant really talk because on my first map there were some boring corridors that i could have jazzed up.
0 starsPosted by TMA-2 on Mon Dec 20th 2004 at 11:41am

That's some impossibly immaculate grass clipping in the first screenshot, there.
0 starsPosted by Andrei on Sat Dec 18th 2004 at 2:39pm

I can't believe people are actually calling this a &quot;map&quot;! Bring on the map generator!
0 starsPosted by parakeet on Thu Dec 9th 2004 at 8:45pm

Umm its kinda [BOXY] at least make something smooth. The world around us &quot;just incase you havent been outside in a while&quot; is eroded by rain and is bumpy. yours looks like the universe popped out of a box. you could seriously cut off an arm with the sharpness of those corners = P gl
0 starsPosted by SnarkSephiroth on Tue Dec 7th 2004 at 3:39am

One word: Displacement. It will definitly help this map a lot.
0 starsPosted by Sinner_D on Mon Dec 6th 2004 at 11:29pm

You'd think with the ability of HL2 engine people woulda left this CS dieing art dead. comeon its the HL2 engine, get creative bro.
0 starsPosted by Perin on Mon Dec 6th 2004 at 4:20am

The lighting is pretty good and accurate. You may want to add some sort of light fixtures in picture 1 to make it more real. As far as the rocks go, try to use some terrain tutorials to enhance it. On the grass fields, again, use a tutorial to enhance the appearance to make it look more realistic. The smallest of details also add quite the amount: put shrubs, trees, rocks, boards, random things to fit... it all adds up. <br> <br>Good luck with the map smiley
0 starsPosted by Mor7y on Sun Dec 5th 2004 at 9:54pm

Way to simple and boring. When you make a CSS map, you must make DETAILS smiley Not just plain boxes with a little cutting and transforming. That's not enough to make a good aim map smiley
0 starsPosted by Jezpuh on Sun Dec 5th 2004 at 9:23pm

This is the first source map I've seen that looks extremly boring and dull <br> <br>Congratulations.
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