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Game: Counter Strike Source
Added Sun May 22nd 2005

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Final Release.

It's a competition entry for that HL2Mapping contest. It's set within a freightyard which is currently home to a weapons train. Terrorists try to bomb the train or the freight inspection office while the Counter-Terrorists try to stop their nefarious actions.

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0 starsPosted by habboi on Sat Apr 9th 2005 at 12:16pm

You just made me cry smiley <br> <br>Oh well I don't blame you, having the opportunity to work for that mod is cool.
Posted by RabidMonkey777 on Sat Apr 9th 2005 at 12:13am

I've already started my work for it and a new map, sorry. The bugs reported detract from the map but they don't affect it too majorly to require another full compile time, and a complete new botmesh.
0 starsPosted by habboi on Fri Apr 8th 2005 at 1:17pm

I hope you finish this and fix the bugs I pointed out on TWHL. <br> <br>Please just finish it before mapping for Black Mesa Source please smiley
Posted by RabidMonkey777 on Fri Apr 8th 2005 at 3:05am

Final's been out for a bit, but the map hasn't been updated here since the downtime and all. It is now ;D
Posted by RabidMonkey777 on Fri Mar 18th 2005 at 5:18pm

'beams are fixed - shortened and widened.

I'm tweaking the outer area - I'm considering transforming it or part of it into an indoor-sy area so it's a bit brighter as well, not to mention it'll save me some FPS too. I'll get it done by April 1st since the compos end then ;<
0 starsPosted by LilTortillaBoy on Thu Mar 17th 2005 at 10:55pm

Very pretty map, only problem I had is the new models you put in just appear as the error thing. I love the thin spotlight effect even though it is very unrealistic. Framerates for me were horrible though, especially in the train yard, I dont think the rain helped much either. Played it a few times with 6 bots and it was pretty fun, only thing that killed it for me is the framerates and I have a decent computer. 1.2GHz, 512 mb ram and Nvidia GeForce FX 5200. I havent played alot of cs source so maybe I just have my settings to high.
0 starsPosted by ReNo on Tue Mar 15th 2005 at 1:44pm

Well I was getting around 10fps at some of the points, which I'm sure we both consider to be poor performance The settings I run at at currently UNDER the recommended for my computer, and all the default maps and most custom levels run nicely.

About the light trails, particularly those on the train, they really ought to be shortened. I like the trails and think they should stay, but they are hugely over the top at the moment. My flatmate popped into my room while I was running about and he also thought it looked a bit daft as is. Would be a neat effect if the train was moving, but as is its just too extreme.
0 starsPosted by Myrk- on Tue Mar 15th 2005 at 9:23am

That light effect you have reminds me of something moving at high speeds at night, hence creating a light trail. I doubt anything is moving, but I may have to take not for any future speedy creations [addsig]
0 starsPosted by DrGlass on Tue Mar 15th 2005 at 8:14am

all good, I didn't think to fire it up with bots but I may go back and try it out.

I think the only big problem (for me) are the player clips.
Posted by RabidMonkey777 on Tue Mar 15th 2005 at 5:33am

Hrm...are you running significantly higher detail levels than your computer can handle? For I can run on my recommended settings (and slightly higher) and it runs at a playable speed for me. I get major slowdowns when I'm running 16x filtering/6xaa, as well as high shaders, textures and models, but that's sort of expected ;< - I'm not sure what you consider 'good' performance, too, so we could both have our own ideas about it.

Thanks for the comments, Dr Glass, as well. Those errors you're recieving are coming from my phys_override ents - For some reason the models don't settle well with prop_physics (some of the rooftop lettering and the window bars) and they don't like static either - Just slapped 'em on an override and they worked fine ;p

I'll fix the truck and include the models again when I recompile. I'll move the phys props again, too, thanks. I keep messing with my light beams but I can't seem to find something everyone likes smiley - I do want a beam coming from them (check some darker areas at rainfall and you'll often see a bit of a beam - Perhaps they should be shortened? Or just colored sprites? Not sure where to go with them.)

The green light is a decal, can't change it much - If it would be better, I can 'fix' one of the lights there to be flickering or something and casting enough light to mess with the green a bit.

The major problem I'm having with skyboxing everything is that A - I've already done all the displacements (Which don't like to be scaled) and B - I'm using copious amounts of props in my 'skybox' which cannot be scaled as well, unfortunately. I can shrink a few things but I don't think the gain in performance is worth it.

Unfortunately, the contest entries (I've found another to enter too ;o) are due shortly, so I'm trying to limit the amount of things to change unless they are severly impacting.
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