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Game: Sven Co-op (HL)
Added Mon May 1st 2006

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Since my brain is a little fried from working on CAFPSII, I decided to dump all the creative things I want to make into this. It's about the internet. You take the role of some random guy... you wake up one morning, and decide to check the internet.
The map will consist of two "worlds". The Real World, where you find secrets and puzzles with some kind of scientific explanation, and you have the "Internet" world. The internet holds no boundaries with time and space -- anything goes.

The goal for the players in the map is a competitive one -- The first player who reaches some kind of crazy number of points from finding secrets, wins. (I'm thinking of maybe 5000 pts?)

<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>

I got an idea yesterday from the music track you hear in the video. Naturally, anyone whose played &quot;Blast Corp&quot; will know that is the music from a replay. What's unique about a replay in Blast Corp though, is the camera is mounted onto the side of the &quot;carrier&quot; truck that you must clear a path for.
With the whole idea of having the camera mounted onto a moving truck -- and you not being able to move it -- I got the idea for &quot;Camera Games&quot; which essentially float away from the player, and the player must try to safely get from point A to point B, without being smashed or being killed by traps. In the video, you see me working on the first camera game that I thought up. There will be up to three &quot;camera games&quot; to find in INTERNET, but they certainly won't be easy. The player who manages to start a camera game is awarded 100 (maybe 1000?) pts. Camera games are notated by a floating, spinning, camera -- as seen in the video.

At an architectural stand point, I'm not going to try and win any graphics awards with INTERNET. But I will certainly make the map pleasing to the eye.

Just so everyone knows: CAFPSII is not dead -- I just wanna take a break from working on it. I've done a lot of work on it so far :/

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