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Game: Sven Co-op (HL)
Added Mon Apr 9th 2007

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This map is heavily inspired by CampaignJunkie's lost map, Nadir.
When I played his map Persia, I was blown away, and I said to myself : I must, I must make a Sven Co-op map with its theme, that's so awesome !

So, in January if I remember correctly, teh first version was available on SC boards, and some weeks later, the second version was up.
Now, 2 months later, the final version is here !

The map is set in a Persian city, Terrorists got a big bad Mecha and want to destroy a big city in teh next 48 hours, so you were sent with your team in the city, and we hope that you will destroy this f***ing mecha smiley

I hope I managed to re-create the ambience of CJ's map, but I'm not a thief, so I credited him everywhere I can ^^

And now, the thanks :

Master-Poda ( <3 )
Tuesday's Avenger
CampaignJunkie for his dreamful map (see smiley )

And others that I forget.

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