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Game: Counter Strike Source
Added Sat Jun 20th 2009
Updated Mon Jun 22nd 2009

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Few years later, somewhere in deep space where human species are exploring the universe, terrorism still exist. Terrorists are waiting now for adequate time to attack.

It's time... The expedition's space ship's trajectory is near to the terrorists hiding-place. It's rightly occasion to steal the ship. First of all they have to destroy main core to make escape impossible. But first time something goes wrong and first stormers has died. So the second drop goes ...


This map is a pure Demolition version of de_spaceship_fy map. It should be just named 'de_spaceship', but this phrase had been used for the other map. Other important thing - previous version wasn't stable, now it's fixed.

De_deepspace and de_spaceship_fy are kind of unussual sci-fi maps for the CS:S. They have the story, unique theme and climate. I hope you enjoy it.


- Fixed 'no free edicts' error,
- Added buyzones, deleted forced equipment,
- Most of the lying weapons are deleted,
- Two new ways between BS A and B (shortcuts),
- Improved shadows on some surfaces,
- Some areas are a bit more optimized,
- Some corrections of a soundscape.


Designed and made by:
Artur D. Schmidt (-[PREDATOR]-)
Website: predator.netarteria.eu
E-mail: predator_koszalin2003@wp.pl
Compiled: 18.06.2009
(ゥ 2009)


- cs_arcticstorm
- cs_cityride
- de_arcticstorm
- de_spaceship_fy


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Posted by (-[PREDATOR]-) on Wed Jun 24th 2009 at 9:19am

Water under the lower level/BS is cooling the core. The dark light also provides minimal warming of this ship's part. The mud is mash of dirt and a deposit of cooling fluid. Of course it's only the explanation and seriously it was supposed to make a murky and mysterious climate.

Dark room with BS makes unusual situation in CS:S. With HDR on you can't see whole room even with the night vision goggles. Lots of wide columns make cover for players. You don't know, where to focus your attention while entering this room. Enemy could be everywhere.
5 starsPosted by Riven on Wed Jun 24th 2009 at 4:24am

Very nice! I actually remember playing the old version of this map! -That's a first for me since I don't play a whole lot of CS these days. But I still have it installed, so I gave it a run-through.

@Finger- There are two rooms that have windows with views of the space pods, but you wouldn't know it unless you nocliped high enough to see them :/, but yea, I agree with ya there.

Perhaps it was your decision to stick as close to the original as possible (and that one didn't have any views either) But since you didn't make the whole thing from scratch, I'll just comment on the additions. The sounds do it quite nicely! that was the final touch IMO, and the generators and other obscure instruments giving off sounds were superb. It was a good looking map to begin with, but way too dark IMO, It would be nice to see a lighter version of this map. Also, I never understood the purpose of the ground and mud with water in some areas? This is a spaceship, right?

It ran fine on my machine, so hat's off for your optimization work. Overall, good stuff!
0 starsPosted by G4MER on Sun Jun 21st 2009 at 6:05am

Oh this so makes me want to start mapping again. Nice work.
0 starsPosted by Finger on Sat Jun 20th 2009 at 9:52pm

No views of space, or anything that might establish your 'space ship' theme? Screenies look dramatic, if not a little too dark. Looks well put together, but I wouldn't have guessed it was a space-ship if the description hadn't stated it.
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