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Game: Half-Life 2
Added Thu Dec 22nd 2011
Updated Thu May 10th 2012

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This map has a discussion topic which can be visited here

This is a complete recreation of the RMS Titanic.

This project will be broken into several phases:

Phase 1 (December 23 2011 to March 24 2012)
- Basic structure based on blueprints by Bruce Beveridge
- Texturing for clarity
- Basic modelling of staircases
- Basic level optimization

Phase 2a (March 24 2012 to April 24 2012)
- Level splitting per deck with transitions
- Phase 2a abandoned in favour of optimization to the architecture

Phase 2b (April 24 2012 to present)
- Level optimization
- Architecture optimization
- Completion of re-texturing
- Details to Boat Deck including modelling external fittings

Phase 3 (unknown to unknown)
- Addition of rooms (cabins, lavs, storage, etc)
- Basic proper texturing
- Review of ship's structure
- Advanced level optimization (full VVIS compile?)

Phase 4 (unknown to unknown)
- Basic roofing/ceiling detail
- Doorways and doors
- Windows
- Funnel structure

Phase 5 (unknown to unknown)
- Modelling of rails
- Modelling of posts and supports
- Modelling of bridge and wheelhouse telegraphs and wheels
- Modelling of funnel accessories
- Modelling of lifeboats

Phase 6 (unknown to unknown)
- Basic lighting
- Skymap

The following details have been deliberately modified from the blue prints due to game limitations:

- Crew spiral staircases at the bow from D Deck to the Tank top due to player collision hull. The staircase has been made bigger.

The following links are for Youtube videos of the progress:

Video 4:

Video 3:

Video 2:

Video 1:

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Posted by Wild Card on Wed Feb 22nd 2012 at 4:43am

It was also cut vertically if you recall :P

Focus shifted from the stern to the bow now that the major work at the stern is complete. That is, Third and Second Classes down to G Deck as well as the Third Class entrance and stairs. Also finished some of the crew areas on C Deck below the Forecastle, and the Third Class open area below the Well Deck. Not much to easily show in screenshots but I should be able to get another Youtube out in a week or so.

With all the added staircases, the brush count went up real quick, now at 7005.
0 starsPosted by Orpheus on Wed Feb 22nd 2012 at 1:02am

I recommend cutting it vertically. Last time it was cut horizontally, it sank. smiley
Posted by Wild Card on Wed Feb 22nd 2012 at 12:49am

I think it would be more fun to have it all in one giant map, but I'll cut it up if I have to for performance reasons.
0 starsPosted by Orpheus on Tue Feb 21st 2012 at 10:34pm

Make a single player mod. You can rescue the poor folks this time and change history. smiley

If he can't get it within the limits maybe but big maps can be cool too.
0 starsPosted by Crono on Tue Feb 21st 2012 at 10:16pm

Am I the only person that thinks the obvious solution would be the cut it up and make it into a series of 'The Ship' maps?
Posted by Wild Card on Tue Feb 21st 2012 at 9:55pm

Thanks. I've been stubbornly persistent with this project. I have been keeping backups, but nothing offsite. I should... /me does

I havent really had it in mind to make something single player. The most famous Titanic game was Titanic: Adventure out of Time (AOOT), created by Cyberflix in.. 98 I think. It was a fun game. There was - I found out recently - a HL2 mod to recreate Titanic: AOOT but it seems that has died. There is also the Titanic: Lost in the Darkness Crysis mod, but I dont really want to compete by offering a storyline or single player career.

One thing I was thinking of doing is having some sort of interactive "audio buttons" which could describe events or persons from the real story of Titanic.

Of course, a better version of dm_titanic could still be on the table :P 1 v 1 on the whole Titanic anyone smiley

I'll probably make another Youtube shortly. Theres been some good progress lately.
0 starsPosted by haymaker on Tue Feb 21st 2012 at 9:15pm

This is looking immense. Probably big enough for a single-player episode. Congratulations on your perseverance! I can't hack it in VHE anymore, I'm too slow.

I really hope you've backed this up to removable media / web though :O
0 starsPosted by omegaslayer on Mon Feb 20th 2012 at 11:15pm

Quoting Wild Card
Question: I finally opened up some of my old RMF files (It impressed me the work I had!) I noticed I had a lot of brushes as func_wall which from reading on VDC is legacy and has been replaced by func_detail and func_brush. But I cant really get a clear difference in when to use a func_detail versus a func_brush, or advantages and disadvantages of either.

Func_detail is nothing too special. To the compiler it is essentially still part of the world, however it wont split faces, block vis, or chop vis portals. Other than that you can treat it as a regular brush (and it still counts towards the MAX_MAP_BRUSHES limit). You can also achieve the same effect by turning the geometry into a displacement surface. Which I recommend doing if you have "thick" pipes (instead of cylinders).
Posted by Wild Card on Mon Feb 20th 2012 at 2:55am

A fair bit of work, although its been slower these days. I've focused on the stern the last little while, see previous updates. I've added to the F Deck from the stern to the Engineer's Quarters above the Reciprocating Engine Room. Also worked on the Third and Second Class cabins on G Deck at the stern, aft of the #4 hatches.

Im up to 6570 brushes now, getting ever so closer to the 8296 brush limit by BSP. Omegaslayer had mentioned he knew of a compiler with a higher brush count, and I've PMed him, but if anyone else is aware of one, please let me know. I've also posted in the editing help section about that.

Although you may notice that for now Im focusing mostly on hallways (from the screenshots) I will come back after the basic layout is complete and add in every single room on the ship, from cabins to lavs, to storage, to escapes. Once the basic layout is complete it'll be easier to add those rooms in.

Here are some new screenshots to show the progress, here you can view the progress at the stern:

0 starsPosted by mazemaster on Mon Feb 13th 2012 at 2:32pm

Wow! It's cool to see the steady progression of the map over time! Looking forward to see more.
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