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To create a hollow sphere, It is often most efficient to slice up a hollow cylinder horizontally, and then scale the newly created verticies horizontally using Worldcraft's vertex scaling mode.

First, create a cylinder.

In order to prevent dastardly floating point errors, make sure that all the verticies of the cylinder are on the grid using vertex manipulation mode. Doing this from the start can save you a lot of "fixing time" later on.

Next, make the cylinder hollow without using the hollow tool in order to have predictable and nice geometry to deal with.

Begin by clipping the cylinder from vertex to opposite vertex until you have a bunch of wedges.

Slice your cylinder into quarters and keep only 1 - you can duplicate it to a full cylinder later after you have messed with it.

Then slice the wedges to get more verticies

Manually move the verticies to approximate a hollow shape.

And finally, copy the 1/4 cylinder and rotate it until you have a full hollow cylinder:

Create a template cylinder perpendicular to the hollow cylinder. This cylinder will not be a part of the final product - it is just there as a guide for vertex scaling.

Use the clip tool to horizontally slice the hollow cylinder at approximately the points where the template cylinder has verticies

Select all peices of the hollow cylinder and enter vertex manipulation mode. Select all of the verticies on a single horizontal slice and press Alt + e to enter vertex scaling mode.

Decrease the number in the scaling box to scale down the verticies until their outline approximately matches the outline of the template cylinder. Repeat this process for each horizontal slice. On the final verticies, do not scale them down to 0, leave a bit of extra space: you will later cap off the hole with another brush.

Now create a small cylindrical disk at the location of the hole, and vertex scale it until it "caps off" the hole correctly.

There you have it! You now have a handy-dandy hollow sphere. Be sure to delete the template cylinder when you are done, and dont go overboard on detail or you may find yourself face to face with HOM's, rounding errors, clipping errors, and high wpoly. Plus ZHLT's phong shading will make it look smooth (your mileage may vary). And don't forget to check for errors before compiling!

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0 starsPosted by LickitySpliff on Tue Jun 14th 2005 at 2:58am

0 starsPosted by mrnielsen on Tue Jan 25th 2005 at 4:26pm

Wow nice. but you can make the start using the Arch tool
0 starsPosted by Perin on Wed Aug 18th 2004 at 6:40pm

I just tried this out today. It was a lot quicker and simpler than my old technique. Good work.
Posted by mazemaster on Thu Dec 11th 2003 at 9:02am

Someone commented previously that you can skip several of the first steps by using the arch tool. That is certainly a good idea, but if you use the arch tool be sure to move your verticies to on-grid locations before you do any vertex scaling.
0 starsPosted by Blah on Wed Dec 10th 2003 at 7:46pm

Man, this tutorial is sexy, I learned so much from this, weeeeeee.
0 starsPosted by asterix_vader on Tue Dec 9th 2003 at 4:29pm

0 starsPosted by Sinner_D on Wed Oct 1st 2003 at 9:42am

^^^what he
0 starsPosted by LAzerMANiac on Wed Oct 1st 2003 at 12:00am

All hail the Hollow Sphere!!!
0 starsPosted by marcus_m on Sun Sep 28th 2003 at 7:38am

This technique looks really good inside and outside. the only thing that I can add is to make sure that when you are using the vertex scaling mode that the little circle that the scale 'centers' to is moved to the central focus of your sphere - that's for the n00bies like me smiley
0 starsPosted by KoRnFlakes on Thu Sep 25th 2003 at 7:07pm

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